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Take a peek at small parts of our lives… at least the parts that end up here!

Some Videos

Eclipse at the VR League Invitational Leicester, England

Pre-Competition Interviews This is a short 3.5 minute video about team Eclipse during the July 2018 VR League Invitational in Leicester, England. No Echo Arena play can be seen in this one. The commentators provide a little background for about 2 minutes after the...

Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk over Oakland Hills

Each year we have been here in Oakland, two adult hawks raise their young in a nest high in a pine tree below us. His cries can be heard most of the day for weeks. The parents are often dive bombed by pairs or more of ravens and crows and even smaller...

The EDOCH Patch

This was a Middle School project by Ozzie and his buddies, playing off the drug companies, their advertising and the side effects. "But who cares about those."

Sunday With Dad

Now that Dad has his iPad, he often pushes the button and gives us a call! We didn't put the whole call in here, nor did we catch it all. But as the call proceeded, I thought it might be nice to catch a few snippets as we chatted across the Pacific. Next time I'll...

Another Kitty

This fellow is called a sharp-tail  snake. We were out exploring more of our neighborhood near are really cute town called Mokelumne Hill where we picked up some great pinecones. Once we were home and unpacking the cones, this is what we found......

Occasional Stories

We are not verbose (well unless you are talking about the political wildfire and banter between the Smith Brothers.) But occasional stories do pop up.

Family Greetings

The years pass by so fast, and finding ways to “say hello” and let you catch a glimpse ends up as occasional season’s greetings.

Contact Info

With 3 of us living our lives “online” and the rest of the world communicating there, having a way to contact us is well, rather simple. Since this is rather public, we will leave the regular contact points here. Nothing too personal.

Our Virtual World

We’ll put our links to places of interest here. Where we are in the world.

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